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March 16, 2009

Networking With Other Agents ~ by Kelle Sparta

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One of the most overlooked aspects of the real estate business is the importance of creating strong relationships with the other agents in our industry. These are the people with whom we toil day-to-day putting together deals.

Other Agents Represent Better Than 60% Of Your Business
Co-brokes represent better than 60% of our market sales nation wide. In some places that’s even higher. And yet we don’t have a systematic way of networking with those other agents who are responsible for selling our listings.

How To Win In A Multiple Offer Situation
How much difference does it really make? A lot! Think about the last time you had multiple offers on one of your listings. Didn’t you take into account who the agent was on the other end of the deal when making your decision about which deal to recommend to the seller? I know I did. If I knew that I had two agents, one of whom I knew to do a good job and be easy to work with and the other whom I barely knew at all (or worse whom I found to be difficult to deal with) I know that I told this to the seller. It certainly affected my recommendations.

Build Relationships With Top Performers
It’s important to build your relationships with the movers and shakers in the industry. Get out and have lunch with them. Drop by their office to say hello. Call and introduce yourself. If they don’t take you up on it right away, keep asking every few months. The simple act of asking is often enough to put you in good graces. And if they do take you up on it, GREAT!

Ask – But Don’t Be Annoying
One word of warning – don’t be a pest. If the person isn’t the type who gets together, fine. The next time you do a deal with them, send them a thank you note or a fruit basket – something that says “I enjoyed working with you”. A little goes a long way in this business.

Keep Your Eyes On the Prize
These are the people who are responsible for your livelihood. They can make or break a deal for you. Make sure they’re on your side. Network!

Kelle Sparta is the author of The Consultative Real Estate Agent – Building Relationships that Create Loyal Clients, Get More Referrals, and Increase Your Sales, as well as being a speaker and trainer specializing in the real estate industry. Kelle is the founder of Sparta Success Systems, a real estate training company that provides tools, products, and training to empower agents and brokers to create lives and businesses they can love. For more information, visit her website at © 2008, Kelle Sparta.


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